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Dutch the magazine - May/June 2021 - Issue 59

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In this issue:


Nederhorst Castle on the Vecht river; The white town of Thorn in Limburg; Japan Museum in the Siebold House in Leiden.


Edsger Dijkstra, computer pioneer and all-purpose maverick; Gerard Bonekamp, spiritual father of Dutch-Canadian newspaper De Krant; Sailor, boat builder and arctic explorer Erik de Jong.


The Postbank part 3, masters of marketing; Dutch and North American Consulates and Embassies.


Stroopwafel treats: Stroopwafel Cake; Stroopwafel Chocolate Fudge; Stroopwafel Cupcakes; Stroopwafel Ice Cream.

Books, Art and Music

Dutch Designers Yearbook 2020Do It Ourselves: A New Mentality in Dutch Design by Jeroen Junte; Apollo and Aurora by Gerard de Lairesse; Alkmaar's Weigh House by Billy Eric; Tenth of May, poem by the 'night mayor' of Rotterdam, Jules Deelder; Pop Rock band Kane.

Columns and Cartoons

Editor's Letter; Memories; Third Culture Kid; The Dutch Dished Up; Invading Holland; the Dutch Judge.


Message from the publishers on ten years of DUTCH the magazine.


Edina Bijvoet, Tom Bijvoet, Stuart Billinghurst, Ray Cavanaugh, Billy Eric, Gerrit Jan Groothedde, Sonia Motisca, Jesse van Muylwijck, Alison Netsel, Ann Randall, Paola Westbeek, Gerald van Wilgen, Mark Zegeling.