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Marken, a popular sightseeing destination near Amsterdam, was an island from February 17th 1164 until October 17th 1957.

Some interesting facts:

  • Marken was formed by the Juliana Flood, caused by a major storm, which redefined Holland’s coastline in 1164.
  • In 1957 Marken was reconnected with the mainland by a two-mile causeway, a product of the big Zuiderzee Works Project
  • Before the project, there were three other islands in the Zuiderzee, Wieringen, Schokland, and Urk. Of the four, Marken was the last to lose that status.
  • Of the former Zuiderzee islands Marken feels most like an island still, because it is only connected to the mainland by a single road through the water. The others have become part of the reclaimed land.
  • Like Schiermonnikoog, the island was inhabited by monks in the Middle Ages.
  • For several centuries one of the main economic drivers for the island was transporting large East Indiamen into the harbor of Amsterdam in a floating dock, because the water was too shallow for the ships to make their own way in.
  • Because of its unique island culture and proximity to Amsterdam, Marken became a popular tourist attraction in the 20th century.
  • One of the best-known inhabitants of Marken was Sijtje Boes (1895-1983). For almost seventy years she sold souvenirs. Strategically placed at the entrance to the island, her store became the first and last stop for all visitors.

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Original article by: Tom Bijvoet