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The city of Hoorn, located in the province of North Holland (about twenty-five miles north of Amsterdam) is the capital of the West Friesland region. Approximately 72,000 residents live in the city, which has had a long history as an important trading center on the shores of the IJsselmeer.

Some interesting facts:

  • In the Gouden Eeuw, the Golden Age in Dutch history, Hoorn was one of the six bases of the Dutch East India Company.
  • Cape Horn, the famed southern point of South America, is named after the city of Hoorn.
  • Hoorn boasts seven museums, and more than 800 heritage buildings. Most of the city center has been designated a protected heritage area, to preserve its historic character and charm.
  • The Statenlogement (States Lodging House) was built in 1613 to provide accommodation for out-of-town representatives of the region’s governing bodies. From 1796 until 1977 it functioned as Hoorn’s City Hall. The Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes Delaware is a scaled down replica of the Statenlogement.

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Original article by: Sonia Motisca