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Dutch the magazine - September/October 2022 - Issue 67

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In this issue:


Nelis' Dutch Village, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Holland, Michigan.  Vaals, home to the Vaalserberg, the highest point in a generally low lying country. Billy Eric takes a trip across the border into Flanders and visits Bruges.


Johannes Wier, the 16th century doctor and philosopher who in a radical stance for his era called out the paranoia around witchcraft as fake hysteria. Hans Klok, the world's fastest illusionist and a Vegas favorite. New York-based theater maker Erwin Maas. Mino Raiola, the most influential person in Dutch soccer.

History & Society

Ecoducts, or wildlife bridges, allow safe passage for wildlife across Holland's busy highways. The 75th anniversary of the June 1947 crossing of the Waterman immigrant ship, the first dedicated postwar immigrant passage from the Netherlands to Canada, the vanguard of a migration that would bring 200,000 Dutch to Canada between 1947 and the mid-1960s.


Appies for borreltijd, or cocktail hour: Marinated Olives, Creamy Tuna Salad on Melba Toast, Tortilla Rolls with Aged Gouda, Kaasstengels (Cheese Straws). 

Books and Art

Two new books which explore the immigration experience using visual techniques: Immigrant, from the Postwar Netherlands to Canada in 21 Paintings by Rosemary Sloot and Destination Canada, a comic book in which ten different comic artists tell the stories of ten different immigrants from the Netherlands to Canada, edited by award-winning Dutch comic artist Aimée de Jongh. Roelant Savery's Delightful Dodo, a reminder of the fragility of our world. Evening Falls on Its Knees, a poem by celebrated poet Toon Tellegen, translated by Judith Wilkinson. Eindhoven Architecture City: The 100 Best Buildings by Paul Groenendijk and Piet Vollaard. Typical Dutch by 'Photographer of the Fatherland' Jan Dirk van der Burg. How to Live, the album by Dennis van Aarssen, winner of tv-competition The Voice of Holland in 2019.

Columns and Cartoons

Editor's Letter; Third Culture Kid; the Dutch Dished Up; Accidentally Dutch; the Dutch Judge.


Edina Bijvoet, Tom Bijvoet, Stuart Billinghurst, Ray Cavanaugh, Kate Daniel, Billy Eric, Gerrit Jan Groothedde, Alison Netsel, Bas Opdenkelder; Annette McDermott, Sonia Motisca, Jesse van Muylwijck, Gerard van Wilgen, Paola Westbeek.