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Dutch the magazine - January/February 2021 - Issue 57

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In this issue:


National Park de Biesbosch; Rotterdam's Maritime Museum; Delft, city of science, art and trade; the Gold Office in Groningen.


Painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema, at the mercy of fashion in art; Eddie van Halen, the king of tapping; Historian Marjolein Kars.


The Postbank part 1, a history of making banking easy and accessible.


A Love for Bread: Egg salad and curry Sandwich; Breakfast strata; Rustic Salad with bacon, blue cheese and croutons; Sûkerbôle (Sugar Bread) French Toast.

Books, Art and Music

Sunken Treasures by Karin Gaillard and Eline van den Berg; Niksen: The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing by Annette Lavrijsen; Cat Games by Henriëtte Ronner-Knip; Drommedaris tower in Enkhuizen by Billy Eric; Excerpt from the novel Two Blankets, Three Sheets by Rodaan al Galidi; 1980s Girl band the Dolly Dots.

Columns and Cartoons

Editor's Letter; Memories of Holland; Third Culture Kid; The Dutch Dished Up; Invading Holland; the Dutch Judge.


Edina Bijvoet, Piers Bijvoet, Tom Bijvoet, Stuart Billinghurst, Eric Bryan, Ray Cavanaugh, Billy Eric, Gerrit Jan Groothedde, Andrew Herygers, Sonia Motisca, Alison Netsel, Paola Westbeek, Gerald van Wilgen, Mark Zegeling.