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Dutch the magazine - January/February 2014 - Issue 15

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In this issue:


Gouda, more than just cheese; Eise Eisinga's Planetarium in Franeker; The Peace Palace in The Hague; Groeneveld Castle in Baarn.


Lajos Kalános, news cameraman in pursuit of justice; Sailor and maritime photographer Onno van der Wal.


Tracing the role of 'Gezelligheid' in Dutch Culture; Pre-Lent Carnival.


Carnival Fare: Zuurvlees (Sour Meat); Nonnenvotten (Donuts); Bruine Bonensoep (Bean Soup); Uitsmijter; Homemade Brown Bread.

Books, Art and Language

The extinction of Jersey Dutch; the flesh became word, poem by Lucebert; Love Life by Ray Kluun; A Heart of Stone by Renate Dorrestein; Joe Speedboat by Tommy Wieringa.

The Courant

New Van Gogh painting discovered; 's-Hertogenbosch, Holland's most hospitable city; Blind woman wins right to Euthanasia; Restoration of Leiden's Lakenhal; Dutch are prolific Social Media users; Scheveningen Pier closed.


War Brides.

Columns and Cartoons

Editor's Letter; The View from Out West; A Collector's Notes; The Dutch Dished Up; An Englishman Abroad; De Ruyter; Invading Holland; The Dutch Judge.


Calendar of Events.


Tom Bijvoet, Stuart Billinghurst, Brian Bramson, Diane Butterman, Gerrit Jan Groothedde, Krystyna Henke, Pieter Hogenbirk, Nicole Holten, Meagan Hughes, Tiffany Jansen, Marianne Orchard, Herman Roozen, Gerard van Wilgen, Jesse van Muylwijck, George Way, Paola Westbeek.