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Dutch the magazine - January/February 2022 - Issue 63

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In this issue:


Amsterdam's Waterlooplein flea market; Gassan's Diamond Cutting Factory in Amsterdam.


Seventeenth century Italianate painter Pieter 'the Puppet' van Laer; Albertan agribusiness pioneer and philanthropist Cor van Raay; Documentary photographer Cynthia van Elk.


Floriade 2022, the decennial flower expo in Almere.


Droog, the Dutch Design company.


Phospholamban Cardiomyopathy (PLN), a heart condition caused by a gene mutation in people of Dutch descent.


Uitsmijter Deluxe: Classic Uitsmijter; Smashed Avocado and Red Pesto Uitsmijter; Indonesian Style Uitsmijter; Potato and Salmon Uitsmijter.

Books and Art

Something about Holland, Something by poet Menno Wigman, from his collection Beautiful Things; Freedom of the Border by Paul Scheffer; Human Kind, A Hopeful History by Rutger BregmanThe Return to Amsterdam of the Second Expedition to the East Indies by Hendrick Vroom; Holding Back the Zuiderzee by Billy Eric.

Columns and Cartoons

Editor's Letter; Memories; Third Culture Kid; the Dutch Dished Up; Invading Holland; Touch of Dutch; the Dutch Judge.



Edina Bijvoet, Tom Bijvoet, Stuart Billinghurst, Ray Cavanaugh, Billy Eric, Gerrit Jan Groothedde, Andrew Herygers, Tiffany R. Jansen, Sonia Motisca, Alison Netsel, Bas Opdenkelder, Paola Westbeek, Jesse van Muylwijck, Gerard van Wilgen, Mark Zegeling.