Tom Bijvoet

Tom Bijvoet grew up in Loenen aan de Vecht in the Netherlands. He studied History, Computing Science and Economics at Stirling University in Scotland and English Language and Literature at Amsterdam University. He immigrated to Canada in 1999.

He started writing columns for Dutch-Canadian Newspaper De Hollandse Krant in 2000 and became the Managing Editor of the publication, rechristened Maandblad de Krant, in 2008. From 2011 until 2013 he was the Managing Editor of DUTCH the magazine and he continues to write features, essays and columns for both publications.

Tom is also the editor of three and co-editor of one of the DUTCH in Wartime book series.

In addition to his writing and editing work, Tom is the co-host of DUTCH the podcast, guest host of Dutch Touch Radio and the Canadian Correspondent for VPRO Radio’s foreign affairs program in the Netherlands.