Brad & Elisabeth Seltzer

Elisabeth Seltzer’s story begins in Wognum, North Holland in 1950, five years after the war. In 1952, her family immigrated to Canada, leaving the aftermath of World War II behind them and embracing a new beginning. Growing up, Elisabeth was fascinated by her parents’ unique background, sparking a lifelong curiosity about their untold story.

Brad Seltzer’s journey led him to a career in law enforcement with the Ontario Provincial Police. Balancing his police work with part-time studies, Brad pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree, later transitioning to a role as a faculty member at Conestoga College. Married to Elisabeth, he was intrigued to share her personal quest to uncover her family’s past.

Together they chronicled the wartime experiences of Elisabeth's father, Peter Manshande, who was sent to Germany in 1943, to perform forced labour.  

For more than five decades, Brad and Elisabeth have shared their life together. They now live in Stratford, Ontario, finding joy in their family of three adult children and five grandchildren.