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Elburg is one of the best-preserved late-medieval cities in the Netherlands. For more in-depth coverage of Elburg, read our Travel section in Issue 49 of Dutch the magazine…

Some interesting facts:

  • Elburg's rectangular shape is rare among fortified medieval cities, most are circular and developed around a central church. The city was built purposely as a new town after two devastating floods in the late 1300s destroyed a previous settlement dating back to the 8th century. The rectangular shape with its gridiron street pattern was a conscious, if unusual, choice.
  • Three of the four city gates were demolished over time as their material was needed to build and strengthen the city's defenses. The only remaining one, the Fish Gate (Vischpoort) forms the main entrance to the medieval town center.  
  • The poorest citizens of Elburg used to live in so called wall-houses (muurhuisjes), dwellings that were literally built into the city's walls. 
  • Among Elburg's many interesting sites are museums devoted to organ building, fishing, blacksmithing, Elburg's history and its Jewish community.

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Original article by: Sonia Motisca